Disc Golf Putt Clinic with Cameron Todd and Dave Feldberg

Disc Golfing Video Score: 4 / five

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  1. 1manvsworld says:

    This isn’t a sport!

  2. okamasphere says:

    U of O baby

  3. homefrogg4 says:

    I’m amused by how few of these putts they are hitting. I guess that just shows the importance of focus…

  4. boneheadt33 says:

    “It’s like having a pterodactyl arm” nice.

  5. genscales says:

    Cameron Todd is such a great guy. Dave’s such a great guy. Both of them have helped my putting game a lot. Took a clinic with Dave last year before the Downriver Open and he only had one thing to change about my grip. My thumb position was towards the rim (much like a drive). He just took my thumb and pushed it into the center of the disc. I naturally pushed putted anyways so he didn’t have to change anything else. Can’t do the pop putt unless I’m out of the circle.

  6. MrMitchB says:

    @RoundWounds I’ve got a FinePix S1500 while it is a great camera for the price it WILL zoom while making a video. The only drawback is the built in microphone picks up the sound of the zoom motor very well.

  7. RoundWounds says:

    @theboronews I feel your Finepix pain. Good camera but is it really that hard to had a zoom function? Cmon Fuji…

    Thanks for uploading though!

  8. its419man says:


  9. JustaMSdude says:

    Thanks for posting this. This is going to help me A LOT.

  10. theboronews says:

    @pg043 Sorry, but my camera ran out of memory. It was a one-time event (PDGA Collegiate Tournament) so I don’t have access to the pros again. It was filmed by some other people, which leads me to believe the entire clinic might appear on the DVD made for the event.

    This clip ends abruptly because someone asked a question and I realized it wasn’t relevant to the presentation. Search for “Cameron Todd putts in the wind” for the rest of the video.

  11. theboronews says:

    @AmAyznAzn I shot this video with a Finepix camera, which does not permit zooming when shooting videos. Given the circumstances, I think it looks remarkably well.

  12. ReverendVegas says:

    Even the greats get fall outs.

  13. AmAyznAzn says:

    zoom out for the love of God..

  14. minichado says:

    this is excellent!  I was there that evening but had to go to dinner with my team. i definitely wanted to get to the clinic.

  15. GrooGruxDisc says:

    Great video, great instructors. If you’ve got any more of this put it up. You’ve got the experience from the greatest putter ever combined with the best instructor in today’s game.

  16. gmeine1 says:

    More Cam Todd videos!!!

  17. pg043 says:

    nice video! part 2?

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