Disc Golf Monthly 91- The Eric Yetter Champions Cup

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7 Responses to “Disc Golf Monthly 91- The Eric Yetter Champions Cup”

  1. wildcat31772 says:

    jesus Geoff would make me go insane with how long he takes, just throw the damn disc.

  2. Sketto8 says:

    Geoff was going long on several shots in that round. It’s excruciating to play with a guy like that. However, they waited until hole 26 (when he was in the lead) to complain, which seems to me like some gamesmanship. And it worked. It totally screwed him up.

  3. IPS0125 says:

    @AnotherSteve1, Your 30 seconds starts AFTER the previous player has took his shot.

  4. MrNrhanson says:

    @AnotherSteve1 32 is still over the allotted time limit. Plus they probably edited some of it out to save time and boredom for the viewer. You “lawn mower” remark gave me a good laugh.

  5. Guitarlover762 says:

    That girl in the green shirt that was in the gallery during the playoff was hottt ;)

    Oh, and great footage too..keep up the good work

  6. AnotherSteve1 says:

    I timed Jeff and it was 32 seconds for me, must have been started his process earlier. His lawn mower does take time to get started maybe he was distracted….

  7. Emanioudakis says:

    i wanted joe mela to wim from the start

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