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  1. New player here. I just started this year. I have a question about playing
    left handed (back hand). Is it still a hyzer if I tip the disc down?

  2. Thanks for this excellent explanation! Best breakdown of this technique
    I’ve found. I’m way more confident with putting that extra power/snap on my
    release now that I understand the mechanics fully. Subscribed and many

  3. I like flipping a champion Valkyrie and it can be done with a boss but
    don’t blow your shoulder out trying it.

  4. What do i do if i need it to finish to the right? Which disc?? I can throw
    forehand, but only about 200 ft…

  5. Going to play now n try it I got a pegasus upwind long driver 168. Any
    suggestions on throwing

  6. I was literally just trying to learn/improve how I throw like this today. I
    mostly (pretty much always throw a RHFH…. Like all the time minus
    putting) and have really been trying to improve my back hand drive and
    approach. It’s like this video was scheduled by destiny lol thank you so
    much Big John! Keep up the awesome vids!

  7. No. Not really. The difference is an overstable disc thrown anhyzer will
    fight to fade the entire flight and then fade back hard at the end. With a
    hyzer flip, you are using an understable disc and compensating for it’s
    turnover with hyzer at the release. Thus, instead of turning over, it will
    go flat and fade back naturally. A disc thrown right hand back hand will
    fade left at the end of it’s flight. Throwing hyzer just takes away an
    understable disc’s turn over during the flight.

  8. This technique also works well with slower discs such as an escape or as
    flippy as a leopard if you need the flight of that particular disc but need
    to put more mustard on it or when you want the disc to turn over later in
    the flight than it would do on a flat release. I use hyzer flips for
    getting my M4s to go dead straight with almost no fade at the end. I use
    this technique all the time and would definitely recommend it to beginners
    and less experienced players to experiment with.

  9. Innova Roadrunner is great for it. If you are new or don’t throw as far the
    innova Archangel is the easiest to learn the shot on. Also the discraft
    glide or maybe if you can toss far the mamba. Really any disc that turns to
    the right a lot on you when thrown flat. I have a beat to death DX eagle
    that is oddly enough a dead straight hyzer flip disc for me now.

  10. For beginners throwing under 300 feet, it’s probably better to use slower
    understable discs instead of something like a nuke SS. The faster discs
    need to get up to speed to become understable and if you’re throwing under
    300 ft you’re probably not going to get it fast enough to turn over.
    Avenger SS in lighter weights or equivalent would be a suggestion. Or
    Arcangel, etc.

  11. Awesome video!!!! These beginner tip videos are awesome and have helped me
    grow as a player. Keep it up man

  12. how do you know if you are throwing an over stable or under stable disc? in
    my bag i have a champion destroyer, champion groove, star katana, flx
    avenger ss, surge esp, dx valkarie, z buzzz. our local course is very
    woodsy.. i found this technique very useful using it with my flx avenger ss
    for very tight straight shots at about 250-300 feet using 70% power with a
    fan grip.. but when it comes to hitting distance shots of 400+ i can’t
    figure out what disc is best for me.

  13. A good practice tip for multiple discs: go to an open field and throw each
    understable disc you have and figure out the hyzer angle for each one to
    get the correct hyzer flip.

  14. Great video! How about a video pin how to get the disc tho spin? I still
    haven’t learn how to spin the disc to improve my distance.

  15. thx for the video this was extremely informative! been playing the game for
    only a few months and have never understood the term “flip over” til now…
    i always thought people were saying their disc actually flips 180 degrees
    to upside down. If I don’t have the strongest arm, but have a dx disc that
    is well beat in and completely understable, should I still be able to
    achieve the tight line you talk about by throwing a hyzer?

  16. The sidewinder and road runner are the same speed and the roadrunner more
    understable. The leopard and river are slower and not quite as understable
    but, if you are a far through they can be as understable as the first two.
    Also the discraft glide is the same speed as the last too but a tick more
    understable. It really depends on how far you through or how far of a shot
    you need but, those are all great.

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