2011 US Amateur National Disc Golf Championship online series pt 2

Disc Golf Video Score: four / five

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  1. TheRusscrispy says:

    dude! i did the same bro! saw the curly hair and heard ben askren and ding ding!!i love mma and he is a great fighter/wrestler.and he loves disc golf!who wouldnt tho!

  2. caleblittle12 says:

    @DiscGolfLive yeah, ben askren is a two time national champ wrestler from missouri, he fights mma now….hes a monster

  3. KillerBdiscgolf says:

    Nice job on the coverage. Not too long, not too short. Gives a great peak at some of the holes. Thanks!

  4. grrussell says:

    Yeah that’s Ben Askren. Real nice guy and great golfer. But like DGlive said you may not want to cross him. Hes kind’ve an undefeated MMA fighter, champion in his weight class in Bellator Fighting Championships, and a former NCAA wrestling National Champion.

  5. MNHomesNetwork says:

    @cbeckett22 —– Ben Askren (born July 18, 1984) is an American former amateur wrestler for the University of Missouri and US Olympic team. He is now a mixed martial artist and the current Bellator Welterweight Champion.

  6. DiscGolfLive says:

    @grrussell It was certainly a mess out there during the worst of the rain, don’t know if the pads were any slicker than the ground, though. One guy slipped badly on the pad, another guy slipped badly on the turf. But I agree, some relief to the side would have made sense and hopefully this is taken as a lesson learned. Thanks for watching.

  7. DiscGolfLive says:

    @cbeckett22 Askren is his name. I wouldn’t poke fun at him if he was around, though. Google his name and you’d know why (posting links isn’t allowed here, apparently). Few disc golfers, if any, have an athletic pedigree as impressive as Ben’s.  Nice guy, too. But I’d stay on his good side, just in case.

    Thanks for watching.

  8. cbeckett22 says:

    Was that guys name Benjamin Assgrab? lol That’s what I heard.. and I played it 3 times to make sure.

  9. swishablowa420 says:

    Mark Ellis is the man!

  10. grrussell says:

    I sure think its funny that at the beginning the one guy (Co-TD?) didn’t allow for a foot of relief to either side of those teepads. Sure hope he changes his mind after watching how potentially unsafe when wet, (and clearly unfair to players who used them in the rain) they are.

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