2009 USDGC Disc Golf – Saturday finals- PART 2

Disc Golf Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to “2009 USDGC Disc Golf – Saturday finals- PART 2”

  1. dscjnky says:

    Can’t believe these guys are complaining about an amateur filmer who was able to follow a single card around the entire USDGC course and capture nearly every shot on film. Idiots!

  2. benfts says:

    Nice vid. I love the steve rico bomb over the water at the end.

  3. benfts says:

    Nice vid.

  4. we0sToL says:

    my precious

  5. we0sToL says:

    my precious

  6. DannyE5 says:

    The point i’m trying to make has nothing to do with whether I have any coverage on or not, in fact I could have coverage of the same event and do a far worse job at filming that you but still my points are valid. So learn to accept criticism if you’re going to post anything on YT. Secondly, it’s not like you’re a professional director of photography so relax…if you are then maybe you do have a reason to feel so upset but that’s not my fault.

  7. discmotoslots says:

    Take film lessons? Dont zoom? Are you the director? Got spellcheck? Got ‘Commons’ sense? Where’s your USDGC vid so I can comment on it? Oh yeah, you dont have one, seriously bro!

  8. DannyE5 says:

    thank you for covering such a prestegious event. but please take some film lessons…or at least just remember these 2 things. Film from the feet and above not from the head and below…i mean cmon…seriously bro…just commons sense. And don’t zoom as soon as the disc is gone form the hand try to follow it. Look at discgolfmontlytv and learn. Otherwise, yiou’re the freaking man for posting this up on youtube….keep it up!

  9. dscjnky says:

    It was awesome to watch Brad play for 18 holes. I love his style…especially on hole 4 when he touches the ground with the disc during his pre-roller routine. Awesome! And, his putt is fantastic too.

  10. mrpbody33 says:

    Brad wears by it. Says it helps to lock his shoulder and arm muscles into a familiar state. Him putting is the oddest but it works for him.

  11. fuckyougeorgebush says:

    Does Brad Hammock realize his pre-throw routine looks like a possessed velociraptor trying to give birth through its mouth?

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