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  1. Out of the hundreds of people I’ve seen putting, Ron Russell has to have
    the most unique form. Would you call it Anhyzer putting? I may throw an
    anhyzer up-shot (with my beat-to-hell champion big-bead Aviar) from time to
    time but I don’t think I’ve ever tried an anny from inside 20 ft. He
    definitely made it work for him here.

  2. In Rochester for training at Kodak in May `99. Played the “World’s
    Biggest” tournament with the locals on this course a few months ahead of
    the worlds. Great place, but yeah, my pictures look a lot different than
    today’s. Working in Buffalo next month – going to try to get back there
    and play around the trees that now seem to dominate..

  3. Need some more disc golf videos like this that are more current! I enjoy
    watching them with commentary like this, you don’t really find that now. =[

  4. John Houck! Also, I played with RR at USDGC back in 2002 (1st round, of
    course). Crazy skills to see in person.

  5. i don’t give a damn about this stuff i just want somebody uploading me more
    episodes of the little lulu show please?

  6. That was really great to watch. Great tournament and great presentation for
    1999. Those guys could really throw. Glad to see that the Champ and Barry
    are still playing regularly and still winning. Thanks for uploading the

  7. I had no idea how young Stokely was. Biggest surprise of it all to me only
    5:30 into the video. He was only 29 in 99? So he’d barely be into his
    mid-40s. Wow. The game really lost a legend to shoulder injuries… I
    didn’t realize how much future he had in front of him when he left the game.

  8. I have one of the Giant Tosser Saucers! It was given to me by ex-world
    Champion Peter Bowie. What a terrific sportsman The Champ is! It must have
    been awful to be unable to catch Ron, and he accepted defeat very
    gracefully indeed. Barry was instantly recognisable, and he played out of
    his skin – what a fantastic performance. I had never seen Stokely throw,
    except a tin animated GIF of his world record throw back in the early days
    of the Internet. Thanks for bringing us this great video!

  9. What a great video. Terrific coverage and commentary. Disc golf has amazing
    sportsmanship 46:00. Wish I had discovered the sport earlier on.

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